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VaccineLedger: Preventing counterfeit, theft and black-marketing of vaccines

StaTwig Blockchain India
Aug 11 , 2023
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Amount invested $302,927 USD Funding Status graduated growth period Founded in 2016 by Ravi Kumar & Sid Chakravarthy
DPG Certified


StaTwig builds blockchain-powered supply chain platforms that tag, track and trace products at a unit level in a multi-stakeholder environment. This means that users can record the journey of each product, as well as the quality and safety information in the complex and fragmented global supply chains. Unlike traditional platforms, StaTwig also provides different types of incentives for various stakeholders to participate actively and sustainably. This attracts more participation and ensures scalability.

The Solution

StaTwig’s flagship solution, VaccineLedger, prevents the counterfeiting, theft and black marketing of millions of COVID-19 vaccines and others. This ensures that people in lower and middle-income countries have fair access to lifesaving vaccines.

Our solutions have already had a significant impact in the vaccine space. We're now ready to create a much larger impact by solving similar weaknesses across other critical supply chains.

Frontier Technology

We leverage blockchain technology to allow various stakeholders on the supply chain to collaborate and innovate. The decentralized network uses our tagging, tracking and tracing data on each product in the supply chain to reduce the number of failures, simplify payments, and provide a better service to the patients/consumers/beneficiaries.

Our platform is open-source to improve the efficiency, flexibility, interoperability, and speed of innovation of our projects. At StaTwig, we also believe that openness, not regulation, will make the blockchain ecosystem more secure and reliable.

The UNICEF CryptoFund is one of the most innovative funds in the world as funding is raised, invested and spent in crypto. This makes it one of the most successful crypto economies for startups. Our team at StaTwig is delighted to be part of the UNICEF CryptoFund for the second time. The CryptoFund also opens doors for us to raise capital from crypto investors. We will use the investment from UNICEF’s Crypto Fund to allow our platform to be deployed on different blockchain protocols. We also hope to improve how our platform communicates on different blockchain protocols, develops qualified pre-integrations, and adds an API layer for these integrations. We will further test these new features with pilot partners.

Our key goal throughout the investment period is to grow our startup with the help of our partners: IDB’s LACChain, Tech Mahindra and many others.

Way Forward

The authenticity and transparency that our solutions provide for physical assets can also be leveraged by NFT marketplaces and Metaverse to build safe and reliable blockchain ecosystems. StaTwig is soon launching an NFT marketplace that will leverage StaTwig’s proven supply chain technology. This allows people to tag and track the products they produce, as well as sell or trade. These new technologies have a huge potential to create equal opportunity for children from all backgrounds.

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