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Growth Fund graduate Weni launches Crypto: innovative chatbots for transformative education

Weni Data Science+AI Brazil
Sep 25 , 2023
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Amount invested $307,365 USD Funding Status graduated growth period Founded in 2012 by Daniel Amaral, Bruno Lira, Rinaldo Amaral, John Cordeiro & Leandro Neves


Innovating within the education system is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor with substantial transformative potential. The opportunity to shape young minds holds the promise of leaving a lasting impact on their academic, personal, and professional lives, making it one of society's pivotal pillars. It is incumbent upon us to continually seek creative and efficient methods to enhance education, as it equips students to meet the demands of the contemporary world and prepares them for a holistic future.

The Solution: Crypto


Over the past year, our team has been dedicated to developing a solution that caters to the educational landscape. The result of our efforts is Crypto, a chatbot that has greatly contributed to the academic improvement of numerous students. Education, both in developed and less developed regions, faces challenges, some deeply entrenched in bureaucratic processes and slow-moving policies. Crypto emerges as an innovative and impactful alternative, offering accessibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. This platform offers a teaching model that transcends borders, democratizing access to education for students worldwide, regardless of their background or educational level.

Using Frontier Technology

The journey of Crypto commenced with the creation of an artificial intelligence model, honed through hundreds of tests to improve response quality. This development involved leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) concepts to enhance user interaction. The pivotal moment of the project was a pilot program in a rural school in Brazil's Minas Gerais state, where students embraced Crypto as a valuable tool for academic progress.

Collaboration and Open Source

Our commitment to Open Source technologies led to fruitful collaboration across different areas, significantly advancing our AI model. Changes in our approach, such as adopting the OKR model, have fostered greater engagement and positively impacted our growth trajectory.

Challenges and Sustainable Growth

One of the foremost challenges ahead is ensuring sustainable growth, balancing evolution with financial controls in our SaaS company.

Expanding Horizons

As an open-minded organization, we eagerly anticipate partnerships with educational institutions, both public and private, at various levels, both domestically and internationally. Our goal is to impact the education system and the lives of students from diverse backgrounds.

Way Forward

@WeniWe're excited about our three-year plan and the opportunity to tap into human potential. Our focus remains on improving our platform and expanding through new projects, partnerships, and client collaborations. While financial support has been crucial, our primary motivation comes from the prospect of making a substantial impact on the lives of young individuals, reinforcing our commitment to growth and development. The fund has provided the structure and confidence to pursue our aspirations.

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