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Growth Fund graduate StatWig reshapes healthcare supply chains with VaccineLedger

StaTwig Blockchain India
Sep 25 , 2023
@UNICEF/U.S. CDC/Daylin Paul
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Amount invested $302,927 USD Funding Status graduated growth period Founded in 2016 by Ravi Kumar & Sid Chakravarthy
DPG Certified


StaTwig leverages blockchain to improve food and vaccine distribution systems, making them more efficient and transparent with a layer of accountability. Through their platform, stakeholders – from consumers, producers, distributors, regulators, to financers – are connected via tamper-proof, open ledgers, resulting in a completely transparent supply chain. 

Its flagship solution, VaccineLedger, is a blockchain-powered supply chain platform which tags, tracks, and traces data on each product in the supply chain, reducing the number of failures, simplifying payments, and providing a better service to reach more beneficiaries.  

With the bridge funding, StaTwig aimed to deploy its platform on different blockchain protocols, develop qualified pre-integrations, and pilot new features with partners including IDB’s LACChain, TechMahindra, and more, ultimately aiming to solve similar weaknesses across more critical supply chains.  

@UNICEF/U.S. CDC/Daylin Paul
@UNICEF/U.S. CDC/Daylin Paul



LACChain Integration: Elevating Impact in Latin America and the Caribbean
The successful integration with LACChain has enabled  VaccineLedger to leverage its infrastructure across Latin American and Caribbean countries. As a pivotal player in the blockchain landscape, LACChain's alliance, led by IDB Lab, has unlocked access to 29 nations, allowing VaccineLedger to execute pilots and scale its impact across this diverse region.

Costa Rica Pilot: Surfacing Pharmaceutical Visibility
By deploying the platform to track products within distributor and pharmacy networks, VaccineLedger has achieved 65% market visibility. The rollout of a Spanish version of the app on PlayStore and AppStore underscores local accessibility. Through strategic partnerships with key distributors, hospitals, and pharmacies, the platform has tracked over a million Covid-19 vaccine doses, reinforcing VaccineLedger's role in healthcare transparency and accessibility.

DPG Certification
VaccineLedger's DPG status speaks to the potential for global transformation. With this certification, the platform is well-positioned for substantial support from foundations and governments that seek to leverage it on a broader scale. This positions VaccineLedger as a catalyst for palpable change in the healthcare landscape.

Challenges and Insights

GAVI COVAX Engagement: Perseverance Pays Off
Efforts to engage with GAVI COVAX, though met with initial hurdles, underscored the significance of persistence and adaptability. This surfaced the gains of pushing forward even when faced with obstacles, ultimately contributing to VaccineLedger's resilience.

Language Barrier: Collaboration is Key
Contextualizing solutions is key to the impact they can create for a population. Recognizing the barrier posed by language, the team's decision to onboard a language and culture-savvy professional proved instrumental in overcoming communication challenges. This highlighted the importance of leveraging diverse expertise for success in international markets.

A glance at the past six months illuminates VaccineLedger's unwavering commitment to progress. Key milestones achieved during this period include:

Q3: Scaling Ongoing Pilots

  • Phase 2 Pilot: Successfully deployed VaccineLedger to track Covid-19 Pfizer vaccines, extending the platform's impact.
  • Open Source Mentorship, Phase 3: Collaborative refinement of repositories, roadmaps, and governance models in partnership with Abby (Abigail).
  • Basic Integration with Modern Tools: Seamless integration with DIVOC to enhance last-mile beneficiary management.

Q4: Pioneering Pilots and Platform Enhancements

  • Publish Pilot Results: Compiled comprehensive feedback into a comprehensive Pilot report, capturing invaluable insights.
  • Migrate to Platform as a Service (PaaS) Model: Developed new modules to provide precision data and swift deployment across multiple countries, with an eye on swift localization.
  • Open Source Mentorship, Graduation Phase: Continued growth trajectory, embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Pilot Insights: Real-world Testing, Real-world Impact


A peek into pilot insights from the last six months offers valuable takeaways:

The first pilot, Phase I with Costa Rica, in early 2022, aimed to effectively monitor the journey of pharmaceuticals, meticulously tracking them from distributors to local pharmacy shops. This endeavor also introduced an ingenious sales data module tailored to pharmacies and hospitals, enhancing their operational efficiency.

In the subsequent pilot, Phase II, form November 2022 to February 2023, the focus shifted monitoring the nationwide distribution of Covid-19 Pfizer vaccines. As part of this effort, novel vaccination rate and reporting modules were introduced, greatly improving the precision and control of the vaccination process.

These insights underscore the real-world significance and tangible impact of these pilot initiatives.

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