Sarda Maurya, 25 year old AMN-RCH giving polio and DPT vaccine during the vaccination in the Village Health and Nutrition Days (VHND).
StaTwig: Transparent vaccine supply chain to reduce wastage
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Globally 60% of the vaccines go to waste due to supply-chain failures. Supply-chain accounts for 85% of the costs of vaccines. As the supply-chains are becoming more global they are also becoming more complex and fragmented. This has lead to more wastage and higher costs. Additionally, there are many stakeholders in any given supply-chain such as manufacturers, distributors, governments and regulators that struggle to get useful data without a centralized system that integrates the different parts of the supply chain.

StaTwig reduces wastage of vaccines by preventing supply-chain failures. By tracking the products from manufacturers to users, StaTwig records vital information about the product’s journey such as where it is, how it being handled, its temperature, certifications, to a blockchain that connects all the stakeholders of the supply-chain. As the data on the blockchain is immutable, distributed and decentralized it helps build trust, transparency and accountability across the supply-chain. Statwig is building a blockchain-based platform that allows users to get access to real-time data that can be used to understand risks in different segments of the supply chains, avoiding shipping mistakes, preventing failures, reducing the costs and ultimately becoming more efficient.

In 2020, StaTwig received cryptocurrency funding (125 ETH) from the UNICEF CryptoFund. Find out more here.

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