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Growth Fund graduate Pixframe reaches new heights in elevating inclusive education through gaming

Pixframe Studios Data Science+AI Mexico
Sep 25 , 2023
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Amount invested $235,001 USD Funding Status graduated growth period Founded in 2013 by Andrea Oviedo, David Casillas & Enrique Morales
Female Founded
DPG Certified



The Venture Fund’s seed-stage investment supported two of our solutions: Towi, A game-based learning platform to assess children's cognitive skills (attention, memory, planning and organization, audiovisual perception, inhibition, flexibility) and tailor educational content; and MatematIA, a game-based math learning app developed in partnership with UNICEF Mexico and the Mexico Education Ministry.

During the growth-stage investment, in the span of the past 12 months, our team carved a new path in education by creating a gaming platform that bridges a critical gap in basic education. Through captivating and interactive experiences, we've harnessed the potential of video games to cultivate children's mathematical skills, a success recognized by the OECD. Our platform boasts a collection of six math-focused games, but what truly sets us apart is the integration of AI. This innovation tailors the difficulty of each game to match the individual skill level of each child, whether they're accessing it via web browsers or through our desktop or mobile applications.

Our mission is to transform learning mathematics into a dynamic, enjoyable journey, fueling academic success and nurturing a lifelong passion for knowledge.

Pixframe’s fully offline version ensures uninterrupted learning even in areas with limited internet access. @UNICEF/UN0845017/Dejongh
Pixframe’s fully offline version ensures uninterrupted learning even in areas with limited internet access. @UNICEF/UN0845017/Dejongh

This initiative aligns seamlessly with the Ministry of Education's Institutional Strategic Plan (2020-2024) to enrich classroom experiences through technology integration. To fulfill this vision, we participated in a competitive bidding process to secure 1,500,000 licenses for educational technology platforms. These platforms, operational offline, cater to primary and secondary education students, emphasizing cognitive and mathematical skill development along with enhanced classroom management. As the selected service  provider, we're gearing up for the offline functionality roll-out. In the year ahead, our focus is on granting access to these platforms for 1,500,000 students, training educators, and providing steadfast support for seamless implementation.

Using Frontier Technology

Our solution's true potential can be brought to bear in underserved regions where educational access and digital resources are limited. By addressing the digital divide, we're championing equal opportunities for skills development, especially for socioeconomically disadvantaged students or schools with constrained infrastructure. This isn't just a stride towards social impact; it's a strategic business move. The scale of 1,500,000 licenses speaks volumes about market demand, growth prospects, and our commitment to combining societal good with sustainable business practices.


Each iteration refined our solution. Extensive research guided our initial steps, ensuring alignment with student, educator, and Programme for International Student Assessment requirements. A foundational prototype laid the groundwork, evolving through rigorous testing and feedback from students and teachers. Their insights shaped design, user interfaces, and gameplay mechanics, optimizing the user experience and pedagogical alignment. Iteration after iteration, we enriched our platform with new features and enhanced adaptability. Some games were subtly tweaked based on feedback, while others underwent complete redesigns, ensuring the final product seamlessly merged learning with enjoyment.

One of our most impactful tests unfolded in a local primary school, where students engaged with our prototype games and shared their thoughts. The enthusiasm and positivity among the students, particularly one previously hesitant child who discovered their mathematical prowess, affirmed our solution’s potential to help students overcome self-doubt to unlock their true potential.

Open Source Advantage

Through our open approach, developers and educators contribute to our solution's evolution. Valuable feedback, suggestions, and contributions from the open-source community drive our product's refinement. This ethos of openness drives continuous growth, expands our network, and empowers the educational community to actively shape our solution for the benefit of students.

Charting New Courses with Enhanced Business Models

In the last year, we've revitalized our business model to foster growth and cater to our customers better. Modernizing our architecture led to cost savings, enabling more accessible pricing options. We developed a fully offline version, ensuring uninterrupted learning even in areas with limited internet access. Tailoring our solutions for the public sector streamlined acquisition for educational institutions. These strategic shifts position us to deliver cost-effective solutions, expand our user base, and forge stronger partnerships with public entities. The path ahead prioritizes innovation, affordability, and customer-centricity, promising sustainable growth and an amplified impact on education.

Pixframe’s potential to help students overcome self-doubt to unlock a potential that may remain untapped in conventional learning methodologies can move the needle in learning outcomes. @UNICEF/UN0847751/Souza
Pixframe’s potential to help students overcome self-doubt to unlock a potential that may remain untapped in conventional learning methodologies can move the needle in learning outcomes.



Part of our growth has been overcoming challenges encountered in fostering widespread adoption, surmounting connectivity barriers, and standing out in a competitive market—particularly in regions lacking technology and resources. Addressing infrastructure limitations demands innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. To stand out, quality and user-centricity are paramount. Meeting these challenges called for robust marketing, collaboration, and solid alignment with educational stakeholders.

Future Collaborations

We're actively seeking partnerships to enrich our business. Collaborations with educational institutions promise integration into curricula and classrooms. Teaming up with tech companies brings fresh perspectives and technical expertise. Partnerships with governments and NGOs ensure underserved communities aren't left behind. Engaging with researchers enriches our solutions through evidence-based practices. Together, we can elevate our business, amplify its value, and revolutionize the educational experience.

Way Forward

We’re gearing to expand impact, reaching more students and educators worldwide. New partnerships with educational institutions are on our horizon, as is enhancing our platform's features through continuous research and development. We're crafting a personalized, immersive learning experience, nurturing a profound love for education and honing crucial skills.

Working with the Venture Fund

The Fund hasn't just been a financial boost; its network and expertise have shaped our product and strategy, offering invaluable mentorship. Industry experts, mentors, and advisors linked through the Fund have provided unmatched insights throughout our journey. The Fund's stamp of approval enhances our credibility and visibility, opening doors to new partnerships. Their focus on social impact resonates with our mission, strengthening our commitment to effect positive change in education.

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