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Pixframe Studios: Game-based learning to assess skills and tailor educational content
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Pixframe Studios is developing Towi, a software platform leveraging games-based learning tools to strengthen children’s cognitive skills across different areas including memory and attention. Towi evaluates children’s skills through a series of activities, which are then analyzed to develop personalized training paths. Children access these different training activities through an online subscription, by which data is collected on the Towi cloud for access and evaluation by the families, schools and specialists. Children with disabilities in countries like Mexico face particular challenges in strengthening cognitive skills such as attention, memory and executive functions, namely the core abilities used to learn, reason and solve problems. Schools’ capacities to diagnose and treat learning disabilities are limited and there are not enough programs to train cognitive skills in an efficient and personalized way. Towi test can be applied to a group of students simultaneously, without specialized supervision and in just one session, paving the way for greater scale. 

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87 K usd

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Investment Made:2018 Status:graduated

148 K usd

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Investment Made:2021 Status:graduated

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