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GeoSpatial: Mapping using AI and Satellite data
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Geospoc use artificial intelligence and machine learning to unlock the potential of satellite data. Vulnerability of an area depends on multiple factors. Geospoc will consider the factors such as climate, connectivity, roads, railways, internet, electric lines, network towers, settlements areas etc. The mission is to create a comprehensive database, analysis program and information visualization platform to help decision - makers in local governments make more informed decisions at the early stages of the planning process by taking all reliable and relevant data into account. Geospoc have built a number of mapping portals for agriculture use cases. During the investment period, GeoSpoc GeoSpatial’s team will prepare training data, and perform semantic segmentation for the mapping of schools and hospitals (of which they have already acquired relevant datasets). Geospoc will use Landsat and Sentinel images to identify vulnerable areas and create models to extract features, detect changes and provide quick insights. Eventually they will test and retrain the model to launch the mapping portal.

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