Wan Yanhua (left), a barefoot social worker in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, visits 13-year-old girl Ting at her home. Ting was born with cerebral palsy, affecting her limbs and speech.
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Yuudee: Personalized learning and communication tool for children with autism
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Yuudee is an innovative augmentative and alternative communication tool designed to support children facing speech difficulties. Additionally, it serves as an invaluable resource for parents and teachers, aiding them in teaching children vital communication and cognitive skills. The app's intuitive interface allows children to select icons, prompting the app to vocalize concise sentences or phrases that convey needs, requests, emotions, or answers.

With an initial repository boasting more than 400 icons, Yuudee provides an excellent starting point for users. However, its true strength lies in its adaptability. Parents and teachers can seamlessly supplement this repository, tailoring lessons to suit each child's unique requirements. The user-friendly customization features of Yuudee facilitate this process efficiently.

In pursuit of broader accessibility and usability, Beijing Daokoudai is actively developing an Android version of the app and working on translating it into English. These efforts are geared towards facilitating widespread adoption and scalability in the future.

A notable stride in this endeavor is Yuudee 2, an application honed specifically to aid children with autism. The app empowers them to construct compound sentences, enabling self-expression and fostering social integration. This endeavor is one of three strategic investments within the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) cohort. Notably, it marks the fund's initial venture into Chinese companies.

Yuudee's journey commenced in 2014 with a focus on assisting children with autism. With over 40,000 downloads, the app made significant contributions to meeting the needs of this demographic. However, a persisting challenge was their struggle with sentence structure. Responding to this concern, Yuudee 2 was conceived with a robust emphasis on acquiring syntax skills through intuitive learning methodologies. Over the span of 12 months, Beijing Daokoudai's dedicated efforts facilitated a broader scope for the platform. Beyond aiding phrase-dependent communication, it equipped children to incorporate sentence structures seamlessly into their daily interactions.

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