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XMesh delivers a technology platform to allow communities, small business owners, and individuals without reliable Internet to become mini-Internet providers to deliver affordable broadband Internet to their communities. The underlying blockchain provides a fair Internet-sharing solution to address the Internet access inequality problem to benefit children of underserved communities around the world.

Having worked in the telecommunication and cybersecurity area for more than a decade, we always feel it is our technologist’s responsibility to bridge the digital divide faced by our society. Whenever we open the WiFi manager on our phones, we find more than 10 WiFi access points around our location, and most of the time, our WiFi access points are idle. While hearing in the news about the lack of high-speed internet in lots of communities everywhere, even in rich and developed countries like the US, we feel there must be a better way to provide equitable Internet to everyone. Blockchain helps facilitate such a solution for achieving our goal. We want to democratize Internet access and blockchain technologies to inspire new technology breakthroughs.

That is why we started the company to target the problem of bridging the digital divide of rural and urban underserved communities using blockchain technologies. Broadband Internet is the new electricity that empowers the community and offers opportunities for children to thrive. Digital services, such as online education, teleconferencing, financial services, and remote collaboration, increasingly rely on a broadband Internet connection. Satellite technology offers a global Internet coverage solution for any area with less infrastructure. However, the monthly subscription fee of the Satellite Internet package is still unacceptably high for a school, public center, or household in a rural community. XMesh develops a wireless Internet-sharing solution using blockchain technology to lower the cost of Internet access for those communities.

Team and diversity

Our team consists of blockchain developers and front-end developers. We have product manager, who oversees the engineering and networking components. Our network engineer offers wireless networking support. Our advisor manages the financial and business plans. We have two local Nigeria partners (both women entrepreneurs) to work on the ground for Nigeria pilot deployment. Our diverse team consists of developers from the US, China, Russia, South Korea, and Nigeria. Our Nigeria partners have more than two decades of experience in NGO organization to help support the wellbeing of children and the education infrastructure. They also have rich experience in large African corporations to grow the business in developing markets.

Diversity can bring a range of benefits. Having a diverse team with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives can lead to more innovative and creative problem-solving, as well as better decision-making. It can also help a startup like us better understand and serve our customers, who may come from a variety of backgrounds. In addition, diversity can help create a positive work culture and improve employee satisfaction, which can lead to better retention and lower turnover. It can also improve our reputation and make us more attractive to top talent. We believe that promoting diversity and inclusion in a startup can lead to better performance and success.

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