Team xcapit at a meeting
Xcapit: Building a platform using blockchain and AI to increase easy, safe access to financial services
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Early Stage
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Female Founded

Xcapit aim to revolutionize the way we interact with money by leveraging blockchain and artificial intelligence. The team are building an ecosystem that addresses all aspects of personal finance; a simple, reliable and secure application to learn about finance, to help you plan your goals financially, help you save and invest your money, and even to donate in a transparent way. Xcapit are focused on education, technology, gamification and purpose-driven investment, aligning the generation of wealth with the promotion of social mobility. During the investment period, Xcapit will integrate the decentralised financial prototype to increase the amount of services available to its users and enhance the overall user experience.

Alignment with unicef strategic areas
Social Protection and Poverty Reduction
Funding recieved by company

24.04 eth

19.73 eth

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2021 Status:graduated

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