A child using a VR device
VRapeutic: VR Therapeutic Interventions for Children
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Early Stage
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VRapeautic design engaging and immersive virtual environments that are specially tailored to instill diverse skills in children, such as social, motor, cognitive, and academic skills. The team delivers software, installed on VR headsets, to therapy centers, and content is delivered under full supervision from therapists. The educational scenarios are customizable, trackable, affordable, efficient, and are enriched with AI and sensor-enabled experiences. Children responses and interactions are accessible on the cloud, which bolster scalability, and empower therapists to plan ahead for therapy sessions respectively. During the investment period, VRApeutic will develop and complete 4 modules for digital learning and conduct user testing to validate results and thereafter expand to more markets in the region. 

Alignment with unicef strategic areas
Education and learning
Funding recieved by company

99.92 K usd

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2020 Status:graduated

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