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Vizool Eyes: Communicating with youth about health and wellbeing
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In South Africa, youth living with HIV need better access, coverage and quality services tailored to adolescents. UNICEF South Africa is developing and testing a digital platform “Visual, Electronic Youth-Engaging Spaces (Vizool.eyes)” that communicates with youth about their health symptoms and services, life context and future plans, using only visuals like emojis and avatars. Through testing and research, the project explores questions like: Are visual representations of symptoms, context and future planning aligned with reality? Does time engaged with the portal translate to better adherence or health-seeking behaviors? Do users have a preference for virtual engagements over “real life” engagements? The application was successfully field tested. Feedback on the app from young people on features including design, aesthetics and functionality has largely been positive. The application is currently undergoing re-design following change requests arising from the beta-testing with adolescents and department of health stakeholders. It is envisaged that full development and field testing will be completed before the end of 2019.

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