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Veative Labs: Open STEM library for remote learning on WebVR
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Veative is 100% focused on VR products for learning abstract subjects like science and math through interactive activities and experiments, creating chances for self-paced, self-directed learning. Students in areas where there is a distinct lack of resources and facilities are often in the greatest need of empowerment. Failing to incentivizing students in these areas to stay in school from an early age can negatively impact graduation rates and lead to a life on the edge of poverty, violence, health and among other issues. 

Veative believe's that VR can empower students to become more engaged in the learning process, thereby driving motivation to learn more. An engaged, motivated learner means an active learner, which in turn means an open and receptive learner. Their belief is that by using Veative’s immersive VR library through open source platforms like WebVR, they can achieve such empowerment, knowing that this can and should be made available to each and every student worldwide. They are continuously adding to a library of modules in VR for subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and math. 

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