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Utopixar: Platform to match youth volunteers to social enterprises
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Many non-profit projects and initiatives suffer from lack of resources, access to expertise and limited community engagement. Often, there are no sufficient means to remunerate voluntary work and donations by people and organizations concerned with children and young people problems. Projects have limited visibility and there no common tools for meaningful innovation management, joint decision making, co-founding and co-sourcing, this leads to low synergies and accountability. Communities dealing with social challenges have limited access to knowledge and resources and there are no common database matching needs, solutions, projects, potential facilitators and supporter.

Utopixar is developing a social collaboration platform, for communities to collaborate and create their own impact tokens representing contributions to projects which address challenges, e.g. education, youth employment, social and environmental challenge.  Projects can use the tokens to compensate the different contributors and sponsors. To create additional value, the tokens can be used in online marketplaces or via mobile payment as mean of exchange for services and products which are offered by the community. Social aware business can support the projects/volunteers with discounted or free goods and services, in exchange of coins with collected coins showing individual engagement.

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WASH, environment and climate
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