Trustlab: Blockchain technology for trasparent payments for schools in South Africa
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In South Africa, approximately 800,000 children are subsidized by the government to receive early learning programs, nutrition and childcare. To receive this funding, accredited non-state preschool service providers must create registries of children and submit signed claims, to record each attendance. This has been a low-definition system, using paper records and manual processing. Accounting for both the financial flows and performance of these services has been administratively costly, burdensome and information- poor.

Trust lab developed Amply, a mobile app that allows schools to record attendance of students. Amply applies cryptography and distributed ledger technologies to generate and record verifiable proofs of service-delivery. Service agents use the Amply mobile app to register children. Each day they capture and submit digitally signed service-delivery claims. A software protocol automatically processes these claims and creates trustworthy accounting and performance records, with verified data. This produces cryptographic tokens that can be exchanged for funding. Amply produces high-definition information: All data resolves to globally unique (self-sovereign) digital identifiers that are stored on a blockchain. The data format is high-fidelity, as this is cryptographically secured and mathematically verifiable. The Amply application platform can be adapted to process verifiable claims for any type of service, using a powerful new open-source software protocol (The ixo Protocol). . Over the investment duration of the Fund and through ongoing development of the Amply application, Trustlab released major software updates that have been tested in daily use, across 72 ECD facilities. This has recorded more than 52,000 pre-school attendance records. 

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