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Treejer Protocol: Connecting Tree Funders to Rural Planters Worldwide
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Early Stage
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Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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Treejer is an open protocol that connects tree funders to rural planters worldwide. The project is experimenting with cutting-edge concepts such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and smart contracts to unlock new opportunities in climate finance and rural development.

DeFi and smart contracts enable a transparent approach in forest finance that can benefit tree planters even in unbanked areas of our planet. And NFTs bring unprecedented story-telling opportunities for rural communities while letting tree funders claim credits for their impact.

Unlike many projects that focus on only planting trees, Treejer uses smart contracts and other incentive design tools to shift the focus to sustaining trees after plantation. The same tools can help users create and source a hyper-liquid and globally accessible carbon market for their trees.

Treejer has open and permission-less integration capabilities for everyone. This means that, on one side, existing businesses can freely integrate with Treejer to create a greener version of their product. For instance, they can plant trees per product sale and give customers the same traceable trees as a gift, or let them plant it themselves on the checkout page, with a simple integration. And on the other side, forest conservation projects can use Treejer as their infrastructure layer to manage forest, funding and communication with local communities.

This investment supports Treejer's further development on the global scale and creates a use-case for local communities in Iran and other Persian-speaking countries. Treejer will work closely with UNICEF Iran to achieve this goal.

Alignment with unicef strategic areas
WASH, environment and climate
Funding recieved by company

100 K usd

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2021 Status:graduated

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