WITVLEi, NAMIBIA - SEPTEMBER 22, 2016: Francois Gamxas (13) a child that is supported by UNICEF programs
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Talk to Edu: E-learning portal and a mobile app to support learners
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In Namibia, geographic, social and economic inequities cause disparities in learning outcomes. UNICEF Namibia is improving access to quality education with 2 technological tools: An eLearning portal “Do Like EDU” that will support learner performance in key subject areas, and the “Talk to Edu” mobile app that will provide learners with psychosocial support and career guidance. These tools are an adapted version of a South African eLearning platform called LevelUp which has received positive feedback and attracted a large number of active users. The platform deploys a point-reward system which motivates learners and ensures high retention rates. During this project, UNICEF Namibia was able to bring together the most suitable existing eLearning and mobile learning initiatives in Namibia’s tech ecosystem and map them onto the Namibian curriculum. The platform, designed with the users and customized to Namibia’s context, was successfully deployed. In addition, a number of lessons learned of how to effectively integrate ICT in Namibia’s education are now supported by recent and relevant real-time data. With the investment, the Namibian platform was made open source. To learn more about how you can contribute to the codebase of this project, find the ReadME and code repository here.

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