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Skills for girls: Nano-satellites program in Kazakhstan
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In Kazakhstan, youth aged 10-24 make up almost one fifth of the population. A fast-changing global and national economy in Kazakhstan demands increasingly specialized skills at a time when many education systems are struggling.


During this project, a nano satellite study course curriculum will be developed with a particular focus on girls and young women. The study course will serve as an initial phase for participating in the Global Youth Challenge on Satellites, providing an opportunity to build a deeper technical capacity in satellite design and production. This will allow young people to develop skills and knowledge in the area of technologies, which will contribute to their empowerment and will expand the employment opportunities.


Due to the miniaturization of satellites and the falling price of its production per unit, satellite imagery is becoming less scarce and more readily available in open access. Investing in building skills related to satellite technologies will provide a platform for young people to better understand and effectively interact with satellite imagery, contributing to national economic development around such Earth Observation data-related sectors as monitoring of the disaster impact in case of emergency, agriculture, urban planning, natural resources, and more.

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