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Rentadrone: Using aerial thermal imagery and machine learning for clean energy and agriculture uses
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Rentadrone is proposing a method for increasing energy efficiency and improving performance of solar farms. The solution will aim to improve the current way of detecting, classifying, and locating the errors and damaged modules in Solar Power Plants through building an automated and open source solution to process thermal (infrared) and visual (RGB) drone‐collected‐data with machine learning technology.First Drone Cohort 2019

During the 12 month investment period, Rentadrone will incorporate machine learning technology to automatically detect damage on modules and classify them between the most common types of failures. They will also be exploring an alternate use-case of thermal imagery for agriculture and will collect and label aerial photos of crops for an agriculture use-case which will be used to automatically detect diseases on crops.

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WASH, environment and climate
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91.2 K usd

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Investment Made:2019 Status:graduated

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Investment Made:2022 Status:active

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Apr 13 , 2021