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Rah-e-Maa: Improving maternal health in Pakistan by engaging fathers
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 Rah-E-Maa has developed Super Abbu, an interactive voice response (IVR) system that serves as a maternal care hotline. This free service aims to provide fathers with access to medical advice and guidance in accessible formats. Rah-e-maa completed their investment period with the Innovation Fund in February 2018.  Super Abbu, Rah-e-maa’s maternal care hotline amassed over 21,000 users after 4 iterations using different targeted advertising strategies, entertainment quizzes and content sharing with friends and family. Over the investment duration of the Fund, running multiple tests and scenarios allowed for greater (and returning) user acquisition and as such, many tools have been integrated into follow-on tests. The reception has been positive, with 89% of the feedback recorded being positive and/or constructive and only 11% of which was negative from almost 180,000 robo calls made. 
Rah-e-maa partnered with 10 gynecologists, pediatricians and GPs from local partner hospitals to each answer up to 100 questions per week, basic health units, and government- supported projects for phone deployment in Lahore. The team conducted targeted advertising through dedicated hotlines on rickshaws and other means of transportation, and also integrated with prior IVR services previously launched by Rah-e-maa: namely Baang, Polly and Sawaal. Super Abbu’s next step is to now connect to the government-run health line to allow for greater scale and reach throughout Pakistan. 

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