Children walk home from a primary school iLlacuash, a farming community in the district of Huallanca.
qAIRa: Using drones to monitor air quality from illegal mining areas in Peru
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qAIRa aims to address the global problem of pollution by monitoring the quality of air. Specifically, pollution control in mining areas in Peru and its surrounding populations by measuring the volume of contaminating gases and dust. qAIRA is developing the ‘Andean Drone’ a personalized hybrid drone (a plane with vertical take-off and landing) that carries a payload of air quality sensors including CO2, VOCs, particulate matter, H2S, CO, and SO2. The drone complements its monitoring with a low-cost static module called qHAWAX that measures the same air pollutants. 

During the investment period, they will validate the air quality parameters to be measured; develop software to process the data received and present this information in a reliable and user friendly manner to local policy makers; and document tests of the solution in Lima for deployment in remote locations.

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WASH, environment and climate
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71.4 K usd

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2019 Status:graduated

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Paola Casabona, drones-hangar engineer at qAIRa.
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Apr 13 , 2021