Mrs. Himalaya Awasthi, around 30 years old is a Nurse Midwife ANM. She walks two hours to visit a newborn within the first month of life in a remote rural area in Baitadi District in the Far-West of Nepal.
Prokura Innovations: locally produced low-cost drones for medical delivery in Nepal
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Due to poor road infrastructure in rural regions of Nepal, crucial medication in the case of emergencies often fails to reach healthcare posts in due time. Prokura aims to tackle last mile delivery of medicines to rural health centers with limited health personnel, connecting underserved health posts to a surrounding equipped health facility. The team aims to circumvent this issue by delivering these medications using drones. The company has tested their hardware and software for the delivery of cargo (500gms to 1kg) for a maximum distance of 1.4 miles. Their system consists of a drone (multicopter/fixed wing), a web monitoring system, a mobile app for drone monitoring, a mobile app for medical inventory management, a server with the backend, and a database and launcher system for fixed wings. The drone will also include a pre-programmed flight plan from the location of the health post to the health facilities. 

During the 12 month investment period, the company will focus on the deployment of functional drone capable of successful delivery and on developing and testing the drone management system.

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Health and nutrition
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80.92 K usd

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