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Prescrypto: Tracking medical prescriptions in a data secure and consolidated way
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Prescrypto is tackling the lack of electronic prescriptions in developing countries. The paper-based prescription system is a huge impediment for information to be used for the patient's well being; and provides a vector for sensitive data to be stolen, trafficked or commercialized without consent.Furthermore, paper based prescriptions: are prone to forgery; ownership over data is forfeited and all handwritten data is lost for legitimate research purposes; interoperability between healthcare providers is impossible. Conventional e-prescription system used in developed countries cannot be simply transplanted to the more complex and diverse context of developing nations where there might be an absence of centralized trusted providers.

RxChain provides an open platform that allows constituents (ie. patients or doctors) to track medical prescriptions in a consolidated and secure data repository. It improves access to healthcare services in vulnerable populations (ie: children, young people) by enabling telemedicine and portability across providers, and the portability of healthcare services by providing a shared medical information platform for vulnerable populations who rely on multiple providers. Through RxChain, doctors and pharmacies can also connect better with patients and improve health outcomes and access to services and medications. RxChain tackles the caveats of conventional e-prescription systems and databases, since it is both public (not limited to access privileges), and encryption enabled (guaranteeing privacy of patient’s information from all users and administrators).

In 2019, Prescrypto received cryptocurrency funding (49.5 ETH) from the UNICEF CryptoFund. Find out more here.

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