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Portal Telemedicina is a platform for telediagnosis, teleconsultation and population health management, which directly integrates medical records and devices, transferring data in 26 modalities so that specialist doctors can provide diagnoses and remote consultations. The platform uses AI models, trained on millions of exams, to detect findings and prioritize emergencies. Managers have the benefit of obtaining a global view, with integration to old systems and devices without the need for replacement, with access to controlling panels in a true command center for the management of population health. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Portal has adapted algorithms to detect COVID-19 in radiology exams with 95% accuracy and launched a teleconsultation app - SOS Portal - that connects doctors to patients. 

With more than 32 million patients in its system today, the company provides access to healthcare to more than 1,200 health facilities in 700+ cities. The health tech is accelerated by Google and has won several international innovation awards. In 2019, it was elected by the UN as one of the 10 best companies in the world to accelerate the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. 

During the UNICEF Venture Fund Investment Period:

The company has developed drivers and data handlers to extract information directly from proprietary medical devices, capable of connecting to over 90% of medical devices on the market. To date, they support 500 hospitals and clinics serving thousands of patients daily in more than 300 cities in Brazil and Africa. ​

During the investment period, the company developed a comprehensive system for child development indicators. This will include a Central Database (CD), Smart Child Development Analyzer (SCDA), and Monitoring Center (MC), and the team will deliver them as open-source repositories to the community.  ​

The Team

We have a strong and capable team in different areas such as development, data science, HR, marketing, dev-ops, data engineering, among others, of which we are dedicating a good part of the workforce to the development of this project.  

The aspect of diversity is an essential value in our selection processes, which can be seen, for example, in the large proportion of women in management and leadership positions we have today. 

Social Media: Instagram,  Linkedin,  Youtube 

Email: marketing@portaltelemedicina.com.br

Website: www.portaltelemedicine.com


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Health and nutrition
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