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OTTAA Project: AI Algorithms for Assistive Communication
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Comunicacion Aumentativa have developed the OTTA project, an AI powered augmentive and alternative communication (AAC) platform. They use environmental data and a powerful AI algorithm in combination with a pictogram based communication code to allows users to create sentences and communicate effectively every single day. The platform uses data such as the time of the day, user age, gender, location, and previous usage to preselect 4 pictograms from their database of 18000 pictograms. With each pictogram selected by the user, the algorithm learns and keeps suggesting related pictograms in order to enable the user to create and voice out a complete and powerful sentence in a fast and effective way.

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92.6 K usd

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2020 Status:graduated

69.36 eth

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Investment Made:2022 Status:active

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