OM3GA team: Amela Bicic (top left), Snjezana Gomilanovic and Amil Cengic (top right), Darko Vucurovic (bottom left), Denis Vacurovic (bottom right)
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Om3ga Solutions was founded in 2016 with the aim of bringing together developers from less developed parts of the country under one roof. 

Om3ga specializes in developing digital products, programming, as well as web design, photography, and marketing. 

Their Daktilograf engine became the most advanced speech-to-text solution for Slavic languages in the region and was recognized by two venture capital companies: ICT Hub Ventures and South-Central Ventures. 

The project is financed by the Innovation Fund from the budget of the Republic of Serbia from the division of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, through the Serbia Competitiveness and Jobs Project (loan agreement with the World Bank). 

Their vision is continuous improvement and development by gathering talents, creating digital products, and increasing the technology readiness and maturity of CEE countries. 

During the UNICEF Venture Fund Investment Period:

The app currently supports Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and Montenegrin, with Russian in development. ​During the investment period, they will develop a subtitler, a text-to-speech application for visually impaired, and integrate their solution with a virtual assistant. Their Open Source web accessibility models and data can be used to make online tools more accessible in local languages. The platform also works offline making it possible for children with disabilities to communicate in remote areas when they are on the move or without internet.

The Team

The team comes from diverse backgrounds: linguistics, education, software development, online security, advocacy, and journalism.  

Snjezana Gomilanovic – CEO and Co-founder. Organization, linguistics, language testing, bug reporting, daily business, and project management, recruiting, and fundraising. Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Department for Slavic studies.  

Amil Cengic - CTO and Co-founder with more than 100 successfully developed digital projects. AI (Artificial Intelligence) engineer with rich experience in building software from scratch.  

Amela Bicic, Public Relations expert and journalist of 11 years. Spent 5 years working in Beta News agency as an Admin. 11+ years of experience in journalism and advocacy in NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) sector. Faculty of Political sciences graduate.  

Denis Sijamic – Student of Mechatronics Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Podgorica, Montenegro. Member of our team since 2012. Dataset generation, data filtering, privacy, and front-end development.  

Darko Vucurovic – Software engineer and entrepreneur, with project management experience. 9.5 GPA in Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

The team believes that diversity generates more innovation daily. Different professional and personal backgrounds give them different perspectives on the same subject, and trust and friendship bring ideas to success. Additionally, South Slavic languages are rich in dialects and variations, and the team is regionally and linguistically varied. There are team members from Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia - which  means that they’ve covered most of their dialects in their training process. 

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