Left) Rashedul Uddin, 10, and his classmates are drawing on a chalkboard at Brahmankata Pre Primary School, Chakaria, Cox's Bazar, on 19 June 2011. Born with no impairments, between the ages of 4 and 5, Rashedul began to suffer paralysis throughout his body, affecting not only his movement but also his speech. He comes to school alone with the help of a crutches and loves to study.
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Ninaad: Open source application to support children with speech impairment
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Ninaad Digital Technology is developing Jellow Communicator, a freely downloadable Android application that uses icons to enable communication in children with speech impairments. Although several popular AAC applications have been developed, their content addresses gaps through scenarios fit for a developed world context that cannot be adopted in developing countries. Jellow Communicator addresses these inherent needs through icons, content and speech accents that is appropriately adapted to the Indian context. Over the course of the 12 month investment period, Jellow Communicator developed specific Indian language abilities to the cohort and improve and create additional language support. In addition, Jellow’s icons lay out an Emotional Language Protocol (ELP) that comprises six expressive buttons, laying the foundation for additional speech and content customizability features.

One of three investments currently comprising the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) cohort, Ninaad Digital Technology aims to develop an application that allows users to elect icons to communicate with caregivers and peers. Together within the cohort, Ninaad Digital Technology, CIREHA and Beijing Daokoudai aim to create a scalable, interoperable and open-source platform that addresses different gaps in the AAC space. 

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