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Neural Labs Africa Ltd is an innovative medical technology company using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform medical imaging diagnosis. Their mission is to positively impact healthcare by using AI, a revolutionary technology to democratize access to diagnostic healthcare. 

They have developed an algorithm that uses deep learning and computer vision to identify diseases in real time, named NeuralSight™, a trademark to identify their service.  

NeuralSight™ is capable of identifying over 13 respiratory diseases & pathologies which include: Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, COVID-19, Pneumothorax, Cardiomegaly, Atelectasis, Infiltration, Emphysema, Mass/Nodule, Pleural Thickening, Effusion, Consolidation etc. in real time.  

During the UNICEF Venture Fund Investment Period:

The company has developed the backend and model architecture. They have now partnered with hospitals to conduct user tests to evaluate the solution's efficacy.  ​

During the investment period, the company will conduct a series of evaluations to test and enhance the model's performance. This will be done through clinical trials in partnership with hospitals, and the images collected will be used to further train the model. The focus of the project will include tuberculosis, pneumonia, and breast cancer.  ​

The Team

Including their Board of Directors, the Neural Labs team has a combined 70 years of experience in healthcare, project management, and business development. The founders of Neural Labs Africa are two passionate machine learning engineers with a vision to solve Africa’s most pressing challenges using revolutionary technologies. Moreover, the team is 30% women-led. 

A deliberate pursuit of diversity within the team facilitates new skills and techniques in the work environment, enabling the offering of services from multiple backgrounds and building access to diverse customers. 

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Health and nutrition
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50 K usd

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2022 Status:graduated

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