On 30 November 2017 in Bangladesh, a Rohingya child is immunized in the Unchiprang makeshift refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar district during the UNICEF-supported measles vaccination campaign.
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mPower: Integrated digital registry platform to improve data collection and efficiency
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mPower has enhanced and piloted the Open Smart Register Platform (OSRP), an integrated digital registry platform that seeks to improve data collection and efficiency for frontline workers providing reproductive, maternal, newborn and child services. mPower completed its investment period with the Innovation Fund in February 2018.  mPower developed a strong footprint in the government healthcare sector with over 27 field health workers actively using the application. Over the investment duration of the Fund, OSRP was integrated with RapidPro, which allows the use of SMS to send reminders to families. To date, 2,700 children, 2,698 women and 22,637 vaccinations have been registered. Results also show that after implementation, delays in vaccination rates were reduced from 9% to 4% while vaccination covered increased from 96% to 100%. mPower conducted research on current vaccination behaviors, developed strong government partnerships and interactive visualizations based on testing results. mPower has been duplicating OSRP in the Rohingya camps in collaboration with the WHO and UBS Optimus Foundation and they intend on continuing to scale their solution in more areas. 

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