On 22 June 2016, a young girl and her baby sister hang up the washing in Imizamu Yethu Township, an informal settlement in Cape Town, South Africa where many young children are not attending school and families living there face extreme poverty
Linking Cash with Care
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In South Africa, 12.6 million orphaned, disabled and poor children benefit from social grants. While South Africa has relatively high levels of school enrollment, birth registration and immunization, due to high levels of violence and hybrid family situations many children are still not thriving, and data pertaining to children are missing, especially throughout the lifecycle. UNICEF South Africa is working with the government to develop the Child Well-Being Tracking Tool (CWBTT). The tool tracks the well-being of children on social grants, linking the cash & care data using an unique ID assigned to each child at birth. It will be fully customizable and allows for monitoring children in the areas of food/nutrition, health/HIV, ECD/education, safety and protection and psychosocial support. It allows for a field worker to develop a care and referral plan. Decision makers will have access to real-time data and statistics at various levels.

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