Young farmers in the Caribbean
Kolektivo Wallet
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Early Stage
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Trinidad and Tobago
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ZedLabs uses blockchain and Web3 technologies to incentivize local communities to take part in climate-positive actions.

Results to date: ZedLabs has an app prototype of their Kolektivo Wallet that was launched in Curacao for the first time, and in the last four years they have launched and tested it in other islands of the Caribbean, engaging over 600 users. ​

Workplan: Further development of the platform to enable a roll-out of the Kolektivo app, aiming to grow the users in Trinidad and Tobago, gaining 75-150 monthly active users and engaging with the communities through events who would be the final users of the wallet.​

Investment Rationale: ZedLabs is promoting community engagement, especially for youth by using blockchain technology. Their platform issues tokens for climate-positive actions that are redeemable in a marketplace for climate friendly commodities, thereby incentivising inclusive participation. The underlying frontier technology could also be used for alternate programmatic purposes.​


Alignment with unicef strategic areas
WASH, environment and climate
Funding recieved by company

104 K usd

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2023 Status:active