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Jobzi is an AI technology and data intelligence startup company focused on the labor and education market. Our purpose is to democratize and equalize the job and education supply and demand in all social and economic levels. 

During the UNICEF Venture Fund Investment:

The team is developing a solution to predict employability as a result of connectivity.​

During the investment period, they will develop a model for predicting connectivity in Brazilian schools based on school data and employability data; share a website with their model, and study the relationship between employability and connectivity data. The company will also enhance a model for schools from other South American countries after a satisfactory level of accuracy is achieved.   

The Team

Jobzi's team is comprised of ten highly qualified and passionate members with Ph.D. and MBA degrees from six different states of Brazil. The majority are developers and data scientists that are deeply engaged with Jobzi's aim to improve employability by maximizing education outcomes with social and economic impacts. 

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100 K usd

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2022 Status:active

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