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Intelligent Network Solutions (INS) is integrating AI and ML with a geographic information system platform to detect illegal waste landfills while monitoring changes in legal landfills​.

Results to date: The existing prototype, designed to identify illegal waste landfills and significant alterations in legal landfills, was tested utilizing remote sensing techniques with Sentinel data and an AI model in an area of 10sq kilometres in Tirana, Albania. The outcomes are presented as images and maps, providing both quantitative and qualitative information for end-users to comprehend and analyze, as required.

Workplan: During the investment period, the company aims to transition the image source to a fully open-source solution, conduct pilot testing with real users, and promote the platform to ensure comprehensive testing and reach a wider audience.

Investment Rationale: INS are in the early stages of developing its solution, and the resulting Open Source IP has the potential to support UNICEF priorities on waste management. The underlying frontier technology could also be used for alternate programmatic purposes. 

Alignment with unicef strategic areas
WASH, environment and climate
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71.51 K usd

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2023 Status:active