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Ideasis: Helping children overcome their anxieties and fears using virtual reality
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Ideasis has developed Vivoos VR, a virtual reality tool to address and treat phobias and social adaptation problems of young people and children. A phobia is an intense fear of something that in reality, poses little or no actual danger. Most phobias develop in childhood and remain with the subject throughout their lives. Similarly, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that can develop after a person is exposed to a traumatic event, such as warfare, sexual assault, traffic collisions, or other threats to a person's life.

UNICEF estimates that 2.6 million children remain displaced inside Syria, while some 2.5 million children are living as refugees, in neighboring countries. Based on academic studies and findings, at least 60% of these children require immediate attention for mental health problems such as PTSD, phobias, and social adaptation problems. Through exposure therapy, participants are placed in a computer-generated 3D virtual world and guided through selected environments. The market for VR tools that address and treat phobias is growing rapidly, however, most of these tools face challenges in creating measurable metrics that show improvement in the user. Geared to address these challenges, Vivoos VR manages the interaction between the participant and the virtual world through computer graphics displayed via motion-sensing input devices. In addition, the physiological readings of the participants are constantly monitored through GSR and pulse sensors. Over the course of the 12-month investment period, Ideasis tested children’s fears in specific environments while building an open-source community.

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