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Grassroots Economics: Integrating an emergency response platform for stakeholders to access digital payments
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Early Stage
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Grassroots Economics seeks to empower marginalized communities to take charge of their own livelihoods and economic future. Grassroots focuses on community development through economic empowerment, basic income and community currency programs. Beneficiaries of their programs include small businesses and people living in informal settlements as well as rural areas. ​ The team is developing an open source pan-African response and recovery relief platform that allows aid workers and fragile communities to digitally receive payments, create and trade digital tokens, remotely track KPIs and access risk-communications.

During the investment period, Grassroots Economics will develop open source tools for communities and humanitarian organizations around the world to easily develop and maintain them. This involves creating marketplaces and wallets for ledger systems where internet is not available, enabling humanitarian organizations to support users and for goods and services as well as impact claims to be certified.

Alignment with unicef strategic areas
Social Protection and Poverty Reduction
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25.11 eth

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2021 Status:graduated

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