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Early Stage
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United Arab Emirates
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Investment Period Activity

Eyebou was co-founded by Amy Fehilly and Farris Massoudi in 2019. What started as a contact lens venture grew into a telehealth company, building vision screening tools and providing more access to eye care professionals. The scope of the screening tools grew and more optometrists got involved which helped us to improve the technology. The purpose of Eyebou then became to make eye care more accessible through technology. 

During the UNICEF Venture Fund investment period:

The company has conducted eye screening for 250+ children in Colombia. 57% has children screened reported some kind of vision disorder and they were all referred for treatment with no false positives. They have conducted this pilot in partnership with SOS Colombia and with support from the UNICEF CO.​

During the investment period, the company will develop the artificial intelligence diagnostic model, to detect any visual acuity issues and front-of-eye issues. The model will be trained with data to learn image recognition. They will continue to collect data to enhance model training. Over the year, they will provide screening training to 300 caregivers, and collect 100,000 data points through the screening and by accessing open datasets. The company will deliver an open-source model optimized for low-resource environments (with limited connectivity) that can be accessed through a smartphone.  ​

The Team

  • Amy Fehilly - Background in social impact, and technology and comes from a family of optometrists. 
  • Farris Massoudi - Computer scientist with a passion for impact 
  • Jaleh Caprez - Background in social impact, venture building, and CSR. 
  • Mai Monavar - Optometrist with a desire to see more people receive access to eye care.  
  • Our team covers a range of disciplines and backgrounds, and we are therefore all able to bring different perspectives and skills to the project, which is crucial in a project ranging from data collection to grading to analysis and ML creation.  


Social Media: Instagram

Website: https://www.eyebou.com/en 

Email: amy@eyebou.com 

Alignment with unicef strategic areas
Health and nutrition
Funding recieved by company

29.3 K usd

24.14 eth

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2022 Status:active

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