After the conflict in Mosul, many of the destroyed structures need reconstruction. UNICEF is working with partners to rebuild and rehabilitate schools and provide hospitals with incubators for newly born children.
Data Science + AI
Estimating poverty using big data
UNICEF Country Office
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The UNICEF Country Office in Iraq is exploring innovative and alternative ways to regularly monitor child poverty and deprivation to strengthen responses to the rapidly changing context in the country. The Iraq CO will pilot and test new methods that employ new data sources(mobile phone data) and new technologies (like machine learning). Based on the results of initial testing, UNICEF Iraq Country Office, in collaboration with the Iraqi government and with support from UNICEF's Office of Innovation will customize the most appropriate method that could be employed in the context of Iraq to establish a regular child poverty monitoring mechanism. UNICEF is partnering with a mobile network operator in Iraq to conduct the analysis of their datasets from 2014 onwards. As a result of this field pilot, a method and algorithm for measuring poverty based on real-time data will be developed and integrated to run on UNICEF’s Magic Box platform, as a key socio-economic indicator layer to the platform.

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Social Protection and Poverty Reduction
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