Locally produced drones are waiting to be tested as part of search and rescue training in the mountains of Kazakhstan
Drone testing corridor for disaster risk preparedness
UNICEF Country Office
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UNICEF Kazakhstan, to complement the efforts of the Government, has established two drone testing corridors to prove the utility of UAVs in disaster risk reduction, situation assessment and response (including search and rescue) scenarios. The functional areas for UAVs testing include monitoring, mapping and providing connectivity in conditions of extreme temperatures, wind, and in remote and mountainous terrain. The corridors in Kazakhstan provide the space and legal framework to vet capability and generate data on best-use for UNICEF and authorities. The corridors aim to create new private sector partnerships, foster collaboration in Central Asia and beyond, create public knowledge, inform about the emerging technology, and help establish operational frameworks and procedures of use.

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100 K usd

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Investment Made:2017 Status:graduated

150 K usd

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Investment Made:2020 Status:graduated

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