July 2016  City of Yerevan, the capital. Autism National Fund called “My Way” Interactive learning games for autistic children
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Through ”A Voice for Every Child”, UNICEF’s Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Regional Office, together with UNICEF Serbia, UNICEF Croatia and UNICEF Montenegro, aims to improve the availability and use of assistive technology solutions for young children with communication challenges. Open-source Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) applications with freely available symbols using creative commons licenses, are not available in most countries of the ECA region. During this project, countries will pilot and adapt an open source AAC tool that builds on technology originally developed by the UNICEF Innovation Fund AAC cohort companies. Open applications offer adaptability to diverse languages and cultural contexts. Through testing the feasibility and suitability of high-tech assistive technology solutions in the regular practice of early intervention professionals, UNICEF will be able to gather lessons to inform scale up across the ECA region. The initiative will produce customized symbol sets for three countries and a global system to enable customization in other languages. It will make available a customized open source AAC app, and a regional blended-learning training package for professionals. The pilot is being implemented by UNICEF in partnership with global and national experts, international and national universities, national governments, the private sector, civil society organizations and parents.

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