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CirroLytix was formed to help create social impact from technology. Its mission is to help governments, non-profits, researchers, international agencies, and local organizations succeed at addressing collective social problems around the world by harnessing the full power of their data. Its ultimate contribution to society is in enabling social impact organizations to make positive data-driven changes to the lives they seek to uplift. 

Cirrolytix clients and partners span many social impact fields, including public health, democracy, elections, fake news, human rights, education, justice reform, peacebuilding, urban planning, and agriculture. Their guiding framework is the Data Value Chain, looking at the total journey of clients' data: from sourcing to storage, from analysis to interventions. Their quest for data value also strives for data ethics, and their work considers issues ranging from data privacy and security to ownership, to data discrimination and algorithmic justice. 

All of its projects reflect the following key elements. 

Social Listening 

Cirrolytix processes data from social media, search engines, and website analytics. They analyze conversations, topics, and what's trending. Using machine learning, crowd behavior online can presage phenomena that occur offline. 

Earth Observations 

They tap into the global network of satellites that orbit the Earth, incessantly gathering images, spectral data, and radar readings. They model data about surface activity, agriculture, geology, and climate patterns with key events and socio-economic phenomena. 

Artificial Intelligence 

We leverage computer vision to identify objects, activities, and recurring patterns from image data which are valuable inputs to other models and insights. We implement natural language processing to derive insight from structured text, conversations, and logs. 

Data Engineering and Visualization 

They architect big data platforms that deliver the results of their research and insights through user-friendly dashboards and interfaces that allow non-technical users to interact with and better understand data value. 

During the UNICEF Venture Fund investment period:

Project AEDES is already a certified digital public good (DPG) and Cirrolytix had worked closely with UNICEF Philippines on enhancing the AEDES prototype prior to the Venture Fund investment.

Cirrolytix has identified parameters for hotspots and developed a machine learning model combined with weather hotspots.​

During the investment period, the company will test, train, and deploy models for dengue hotspot prediction. The team will also develop a risk framework to test and evaluate model performance. The solution will be delivered through an open-source web and mobile dashboard. ​

The Team

The team has a diverse set of skills but we are all data professionals working in the same organization. Our solution Project AEDES requires different specializations to handle its various use cases. The roles in our team include Data Scientist and Machine Learning Analyst, Data Engineer, Geospatial Analyst, Solution Architect, Community Manager, and external research collaborators. A diverse set of skills provides more avenues for ideas, innovation, and experimentation. 

While there’s a diversity of skills, the team has an equal mix of men and women working together to build a tech solution for dengue. We offer a flexible and fully virtual working environment that allows working mothers to participate. We have also worked with For The Women (FTW) Foundation to collaborate with women in tech to improve the prototype. 

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