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BX Smart Labs: Developing a decentralized app for saving circles
investment Stage
Early Stage
investment status

BX Smart Labs is developing decentralized app that helps users to create reliable savings communities by using smart contracts, in a transparent, verifiable, and trustworthy environment. The payments will be done on the blockchain allowing the saving circles to be built regardless of the location of the users. The smart contract will automatize the payments and withdrawals on each period ensuring the users receive their funds. During the investment period, BX Smart Labs will develop and refine MVP, conduct interpretation testing sprints, and onboard and test with more users.

Alignment with unicef strategic areas
Social Protection and Poverty Reduction
Funding recieved by company

9.7 eth

9.17 eth

Early-Stage Funding
Investment Made:2021 Status:graduated

Achievements to date

Early-stage Graduation Status

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