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Avyantra: Detecting neonatal sepsis using machine learning
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Avyantra Health Technologies is a healthcare startup developing a predictive scoring platform for early and preventive diagnosis of neonatal sepsis. In lower and middle income countries, many infants die within a few months. Newborns in India are affected by numerous life threatening challenges such as neonatal sepsis. Detection of the condition is critical for positive birth outcomes but the lack of a specific diagnostic test for neonatal sepsis presents a significant challenge to treating infants as quickly as possible. Avyantra's application uses a cloud-based data analytics platform and conducts diagnosis using machine learning. Through inputting different neonate data points, the platform generates a predictive score that doctors can use in their diagnosis of neonatal sepsis. These methods are expected to significantly improve accuracy and reduce the time of diagnosis, thereby facilitating early treatment to the babies affected by neonatal sepsis. 

Avyantra is developing a handy, easy-to-operate data interface. This interface application will be supported by a cloud-based algorithm that returns a Predictive Neonatal Sepsis Index on its monitor by calculating the likelihood of an infant developing sepsis in the next 24 to 48 hours, with inputs from infant vitals, clinical values etc. Real-time neonatal data and treatment protocols would also be collected from large pediatric centers  during this period for development and validation of the predictive algorithm.

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