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Atix labs: Social impact financing using blockchain technology
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The Atix Labs team is on a mission to democratize social impact financing. Through their project Circles of Angels, they are using blockchain technology to match impact enterprises in Southeast Asia to funders across the world. Through this solution, Atix aims to provide better access to patient capital for Social Enterprises (SEs), and greater authenticity for stakeholders to track the actual impact deployed by the SEs. This investment process is facilitated through smart contracts to develop impact milestones that are agreed upon by funders and the impact enterprises. Such a platform not only reduces the cost of sending money, but also unlocks greater flows from impact funding, by eliminating intermediaries. These smart contracts have the potential to change the approach to traditional financing such as grant funding and debt financing which require necessary intermediary actors. Specifically, Atix Labs will develop a user-friendly interface for their prototype, successfully match funders with SEs and deploy up to $200k. The system will allow for transparent tracking of impact milestones achieved by SEs.

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Social Protection and Poverty Reduction
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Investment Made:2018 Status:graduated

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Investment Made:2019 Status:graduated

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