Primary School students using the eLearning platform during a Science class.
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Angaza Elimu: Using AI for On-Demand Education
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Angaza Elimu's mission is to ensure every child has access to quality and relevant education on demand. The company is primed to transform education by addressing underequipped classrooms and inadequate quality educational material. The team delivers personalized and mastery based learning through an interactive and adaptive eLearning platform. They amplify teacher student engagement by reducing content delivery inefficiencies faced inside and outside of the classroom. They also offer a hands training on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) to equip students with relevant 21st century workforce skills.

The platform currently tracks the following metrics: content consumption: lesson notes read, number of quizzes taken, discussion questions posted, questions asked to teachers, assignments submitted. Time spent on platform: collect real time stamps in relation to the content consumption. Angaza Elimu reports a 24% improvement in overall academic performance in literacy an numeracy skills of students. In partnership with the World University Service of Canada, Angaza Elimu have delivered their solution to 5k+ students in Daadab and Kakuma refugee camps in Kenya. During the investment period, Angaza Elimu will develop the offline interactive app as well as the education data mining model. They will be acquiring test data through formative assessments that will then be used to improve the accuracy of their predictive algorithm. The company is also working with Liquid Telecom to provide access to the platform in areas with limited connectivity.

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84 K usd

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Investment Made:2020 Status:graduated

70.66 eth

12.11 eth

26.81 eth

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Investment Made:2022 Status:active

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