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Nigeria currently has over 200 million people. Of this number, 80 million (40%) can't read or write. 120 million (60%) can't engage beyond religion and metaphysics. 170 million (85%) can't build or create anything meaningful.

Afrilearn is a fast-growing EdTech startup that unites seasoned teachers, animators, and developers to provide affordable, world-class education for Africans anywhere. Afrilearn offers richly animated and curriculum-relevant video lessons, class notes, practice tests, live classes, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower high/secondary school students (ages 6–18) to study at their unique pace, in and outside the classroom, via Web, App, and data-free Dongle subscription services.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and school closure across Nigeria, on April 5, 2020, Afrilearn launched its prototype, a disruptive e-learning platform that provides complete primary and secondary education content online. The platform has since reached 686,032 learners, with thousands of users achieving improved learning outcomes, and was listed by MyJobMag as the #1 basic education platform in Nigera. ClassNotes has received over 10.5 million page views to date.

Afrilearn appIn November 2020, to help people prepare for local and international exams for free, Afrilearn released the Exambly web app and mobile app,  which instantly took the #2 Trending Education App spot on Google Play Store, with overwhelming feedback. Afrilearn was awarded Digital Innovation of the Year by the US Chambers of Commerce in December 2020, Top Innovations for Education in Africa by the African Union in December 2021, and Changemaker Innovation of the Year 2021 by ACT Foundation.

The global EdTech market is projected to reach $404 billion by 2025 and Afrilearn is well positioned to be a catalyst fueling this growth in Africa. Therefore, an investment in Afrilearn is an investment in Africa’s future.

During the UNICEF Venture Fund investment period:

Afrilearn is enhancing their existing application for accessible, adaptive learning based on West-African curricula. ​The prototype developed includes audio, video, practical quizzes, and class notes for all lessons based on curricula. To date, the company has developed a learning management system, and has 12K users (including 10,000 students and 500 teachers and parents). They have 4,000 active subscriptions. ​

During the investment period, the company will develop an artificial intelligence-powered personalized recommendation model. The team will share the model through an open-source mobile application. ​

With the UNICEF Venture Fund investment, Afrilearn plans to add Personalization features, which will include new lesson topics recommendation, learning speed adjustments and features that determine the areas of weaknesses of each student. The objective is to use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to improve the learner’s interaction and deliver customized resources and learning activities to address the unique needs of each learner.

With these added capabilities, Afrilearn will become optimized to deliver better learning outcomes and greater value to its target audience. With this traction, we will be well-positioned to raise follow-on investment from the right institutions.

The Team

The team comprises 60% male and 40% female collagues, from across different backgrounds. Beyond their innovative approach to learning, the team's strength also lies in the uniqueness of its composition. Its young, energetic, and passionate team has over 30 years of collective experience and expertise across the tech, media, and education sectors as follows: 

  • Afrilearn’s current CEO, Isaac Oladipupo, has over 10 years of experience in Digital Technology, Product Marketing, and Education.

  • The Co-founder, Gabriel Olatunji-Legend has over 9 years of experience in Media and Content Development.

  • The Engineering Leads, Chijioke Okwuosa, Israel Aloagbaye Igietsemhe, and Michael Oladele, have over 15 years of experience building habit-forming products and leading successful tech teams. 

  • The Lead Product Designer, Feyikemi Alaka, is a very skillful and intuitive designer who believes in designing for the users.  


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